Fries Bar Glass Racks Have Many Benefits

In the catering industry there is a lot of glassware used – especially in pubs and bars, but also in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and any other venue that has a bar, such as a theatre, private men’s club, and so on. Unfortunately, one thing that all glassware has in common is that it is breakable – some more so than others. For instance, the traditional dimpled pint and half pint beer mugs are fairly solid, and can stand a bit of rough handling, but you won’t get away with that with a champagne flute.

Furthermore, in the outside catering industry all this glassware has to be transported from one venue to another and it has to arrive in one piece. This is why the Fries Rack System provides a bar glass rack that can be used for both washing and transporting glassware.

The Fries bar glass rack comes in two different models, the Clixrack 500 and the Customrack 500. The Clixrack 500 is so called because you can assemble it by hand without any tools and it is available in no less than eleven standard heights from 73mm to 260mm. The Customrack bar glass rack can be customised to the height of the glasses to be stored, transported, and washed.

The very open rack design means that the glasses are perfectly washed because it lets the water get to all points, and it also means that the glasses will dry faster. In addition, you can also get an insert which tilts the glasses so that the water will drain off the bottoms.

The Fries racks are lightweight and ergonomic and have side handles for easy carrying and also have rounded edges. The open design means that it is easy to see which glasses are in which rack and you can also get the racks in one of seven different colours, so it makes it easy to put the glasses in the correct rack.

In addition, the racks are stackable and have a duplex bottom, the upper bottom holding the glasses, while the lower one acts as a crosspiece which ensures that the rack remains stable when in transit.

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